2 de diciembre de 2013

Lio - Clothes

Sometimes I wake up in the morning, think I just cannot go on 
I'd rather pull the blankets over me and sleep another day 
But as I toss and turn I see, what's staring right into my eyes 
My closet gives me strength to live another day, another day 

Clothes, yeah, I love the haute couture 
Clothes, they make me so mature 
Clothes, they are worn most everyplace 
Clothes, they can hide an ugly face 

Some don't like them if they're bright, Polyester is allright 
And be sure the label shows, it really makes the clothes 
Clothes, they cover all you got 
Clothes, they keep you cold and hot 
Clothes, the designer tells no lies 
Clothes, they attract the handsome guys 

The spring collection's fine, today I'm buying mine 
And if the label shows, I surely love the clothes 

Clothes, woo oo oo ooo 
Clothes, woo oo oo ooo 

I start my own boutique, I think my day's très chic 
And if my label shows, I sell a lot of clothes.